A month of plenty (week four)

Last Sunday evening I drank some beer.  It was no ordinary beer.  Firstly, it was a very tasty dark ale from Wold Top – a brewery I’d not previously come across.  But secondly – and more to the point – it was my first beer since 29th September, and marked the end of the month of plenty.

2015-11-01 17.42.56

One birthday, four half marathons, and (almost) no alcohol later, it’s been a fantastic experience.  The highlight was the final half marathon.  I was dressed as Buzz Lightyear, and ran for (well) over two hours around the streets of Bracknell alongside a giant banana and a real life vicar (wearing a dog collar for only the third or fourth time I’ve seen in the 14 months I’ve known him!)

The support from friends and family made the miles go quicker, as did the endless waves and honked horns from passers-by.  But the real prize for keeping me distracted and amused goes to the people we passed who managed not even to blink an eye.  In the circumstances, to keep staring forwards and avoid even the slightest of friendly smiles, really takes some doing.

final-half-marathon v2 2015-10-24 08.59.21

What really matters though is the total sum raised.  At the time of writing, this has reached an incredible £2,387, or just shy of £3,000 when you include gift aid.  This is enough for St Peter’s Lifeline to provide a year’s worth of school lunches for 340 children in Kajuki, Kenya.

Thank you thank you thank you to all the many friends, family, colleagues and random passers-by who have offered their financial, moral and practical support to this brilliant endeavour, conceived by bananaman himself (see photo).

The giving page will be open until the end of November, so if you’ve not already, why not help us raise the final few pounds needed to reach our target?  https://mydonate.bt.com/events/monthofplenty


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