A month of plenty (week three)

Some things in life are difficult to get started.  Things like large ocean liners.  And stubborn barbeques.  And snowballs when it’s the wrong kind of snow.  And blog posts.

But once you’ve got started, they tend to carry their own momentum, and then there’s no stopping them.

Other things in life are easy to get started.  The problem is keeping going.  Things like reciting the alphabet backwards (try it).  And pushing a heavy boulder up a hill.  And new year resolutions.  And mad ventures like running a half marathon every weekend for a month.

It’s three weeks into the month of plenty, and I’ve completed three out of four half marathons.  I’ve also continued my alcohol fast.  Well, mostly anyhow.

Possibly due to the unhealthy combination of lots of exercise and no alcohol I’ve had rather a nasty cough and cold for the past couple of weeks.  As a result I’ve been taking ‘Night Nurse’ to try and get some sleep (surprisingly effective, even when confronted with a crying baby).  It was only after a few nights of taking this medicine that I read the bottle and realised it’s about as alcoholic as Port!  I do hope you can forgive this oversight.

Night nurse

The donations total has continued to grow since last week, and even without gift aid has now broken through the £1,000 barrier.  This is enough to provide hot lunches to 150 children for an entire school year, ensuring that they’re able to attend school and receive the education they deserve.  This is especially valuable given that limited rainfall in Kajuki this year has led to the depletion of food stocks.


Thank you to everyone who has joined in or offered support so far.  Tomorrow marks the half marathon grand finale, when Buzz Lightyear, a vicar, and a giant banana will be running/stumbling around the streets of Bracknell.  Next week’s final blog post will include photos, in the meantime all donations are gratefully received: https://mydonate.bt.com/events/monthofplenty/246778?currentPage=1&update=new


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